About Us
Socialbandage is one of a kind charity project designed to conduct health campaigns targeting the Emirati society. Our aim is to educate and raise awareness about health-related issues among the younger generation. This will be achieved through initiating a series of different campaigns, each with their own designated goal.
Our mission is to raise awareness about the poor who are in need of medical help and encourage current and future generations to contribute to this initiative. socialbandage is made up of people who are uniquely qualified to speak the language of the new generation and engage them to be part of this campaign. All we seek is your support to pave the way.
Founder Story
Its time to move ahead. I believe every person on earth is gifted and has something to share or pass on. God created us for a reason, and part of his reason is to give back to society in exchange for all that we have taken and learned.
My name is Aisha SaeedHarib. My mom passed away when I was 9 years old. I have struggled with bitterness and loneliness at times when I needed her most. Yet, the sweetness of my dad and his loving heart made it up to me. I believe that my life and who I am today has been shaped by the loss of my mother. It is no coincidence that I love saving things and rescuing them. I believe in second chances, whether those chances are offered to objects or to people. I love collecting historic classic cars, renovating them and giving them another chance to live. I believe everything exists for a reason and has its own story to share.
I found that the easiest way to direct my passion and happiness is through charity work by helping others and showing them the love I have towards them.
I started brainstorming, to figure out my weaknesses and abilities. Once I had a clear vision about myself and identified my direction. I started searching for problems in society and settled on medical issues. I assessed the public's medical knowledge and found that they possess poor knowledge about medicine and health. So, I decided to raise awareness and dedicated my time to participating in medical help linked with charity and awareness services. This is where I can gain society's trust and develop my future projects. I now seek to form a trusting relationship with society in order to proceed.
I have established an online webpage for the purpose of educating the public and raising medical awareness, where individuals will be engaged to support my charity cause.